About Us:

Two  decades ago, Hi- Hi-Tech Hospital & Health Care Corporation Limited.(Previously Known as Hi-Tech Medical Product Limited), came into existence as an 100% EOU in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh (India) engaged in the manufacturing of Single Use Syringes, Needles & Insulin Syringes.

The plant Is setup with most modern automatic machines in a clean room environment. Its products are manufactured in meeting requirements of WHO-GMP norm. All the machines are fully automatic and modern having state-of-art-technology. Production of syringes and needle  is being done under the able supervision of well-qualified and experienced technicians and engineers. To ensure that nothing is left to chance, we have provided continuous human inspection support also.

The units have all the requisite infrastructure facilities, highly motivated supportive staffs and communication facilities in order to cater to the rigorous requirements of diverse customers. Committed to customer's satisfaction, we claim to provide them with the best of the medical products and accessories. Since our inception, we are in the field, creating the cutting edge in the quintessentially competitive market. The company with the ultimate sense of productivity provides special techniques to its products to facilitate the user. The company is par excellence in all kinds of Categories.


At Hi-Tech, quality is our top priority and we strictly adheres to the guidelines of BIS, CE and WHO-GMP in its manufacturing processes and control of quality at every stage of production to deliver excellent products. Elaborate quality checks comprising of physical, chemical and microbiological tests are carried out at all steps of manufacturing and packing. These tests are then regularly conducted and verified through internal audits and inspections by global teams of experts.

Each batches of our products are tested in our lab by suitable chemical and biological methods. The production process, quality control and working condition in the factory are continuously supervised by qualified persons, a team of government inspectors and the ISO, WHO-GMP & CE certifying agencies. They are inspecting our units at regular intervals for strict maintenance of quality standards and its consistency.

We have provided Standard Lab Facility for Continuous Inspection and testing of the quality of raw materials and other inputs used in the manufacturing of Syringes, Needles & Insulin Syringes. In process checking and monitoring of syringes & needle parts, environment ensuring good practice of manufacturing. The final product as the syringes, its individual packing, Primary and secondary packing are being randomly selected and checked as per BIS standard. In addition we are strictly observing the BIS & WHO-GMP guidelines in the manufacturing process and control of quality at every stage of production. All our products are CE marked.